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Consignment 2-1


Here we have a slim jim type holster. This is a Bianchi .22 auto holster #89 for Ruger or Colt. $25.00

Consignment 2-2

Here we have a nice little leather holster for a small semi auto pistol made by Rafters. $25.00

Consignment 2-3


Here we have very nice Mitch Rosen Express Line Holster! This is for the 5 inch 1911 pistol. Right handed. $45.00 Check out the pics!!!

Consignment 2-4

Here we have a El Paso Commander Holster 1911. In great shape! Look at the pics!! $35.00

Consignment 2-5

Here we have a small frame revolver holster This holster was made by Don Hume and is marked H715 M M52 for a 3 1/2" belt. Nice one! $35.00

Consignment 2-6

Here we have an Alligator leather small frame semi auto Rafters S right hand holster! Nice! $25.00

Consignment 2-7

Here we have an Alessi 20 Holster for a small semi auto pistol. This is the concealment type and in excellent condition! $30.00

Consignment 2-8

Here is a nice Safariland Holster for Colt C Commander that fits on a 2 1/4 inch belt. Nice! $35.00

Consignment 2-9

This holster is a Rafters 11-4 Small frame auto pistol holster. Part rough out. Nice! $25.00

Consignment 2-10

No name on this one but very well made! This is a 4 inch compact semi auto holster for $30.00

Consignment 2-11

Here we have a Rafters 11-c Semi Auto Pistol holster that accommodates a 4 inch barrel. Great Condition! $35.00

Consignment 2-12

Here we have a small in the pants holster for a Kahr PM 9 .380 which also holds an extra magazine. Nice condition! $35.00

Consignment 1-12

Here we have a suede tan leather holster by El Paso Saddlery that fits a micro .45 or compact. This holster is for use in a trench coat or other large coat pocket. Fits nicely! $25.00

Consignment 1-11


Here we have a nice basketweave brown/tan El Paso leather conceal holster for a .45 Govt. Model pistol. It is in wonderful condition! $45.00

Consignment 1-10 SOLD!!!

Here we have an Alessi 1911 Conceal holster. Our Colt 1911 standard Government Model goes right in it as well as the original Govt. 1911 and 1911 A1 Models. It's in wonderful condition! $45.00

Consignment 1-9

Here we have a very nice conceal type Don Hume Holster P.C.C.H. No. 10-4 1/2. We believe it is for a Colt Commander/Govt. Model MKIV 1911 Colt Combat Elite pistol as that was what was in it. $65.00

Consignment 1-8


Here we have a very nice conceal type holster by Alessi Holsters that I believe is for a 4" Barrel Model 17 Glock. Nice leather holster! $45.00

Consignment 1-7

Here we have a nice used shoulder rig for a Colt Python or similiar Colt Revolver with 4 inch barrel. This is in nice condition! $150.00

Consignment 1-6

Here is an El Paso Saddlery Black basketweave concealment holster that is marked on the back with the makers marks as well as COLT DB4 and 169. Believed to be for a short barrel Colt Revolver. $125.00

Consignment 1-5

Wilson Compact 1911 leather holster. Well used but still serviceable. Looks to be for a 4 inch barrel. $45.00

Consignment 1-4

Here is a hard plastic holster by CQC Holsters. We believe this one is for the Glock 17-22 models but will probably fit other models of pistols. $50.00

Consignment 1-3

Here we have a nice smaller leather holster by Alessi of Buffalo, NY and it's marked CMDR on the back so I believe it for a short barreled Colt Commander. Very nice condition but not perfect! For this nice holster $95.00

Consignment 1-2

Here we have a nice GALCO shoulder rig for a medium size semi auto pistol like the Glock 33. It is in excellent condition and has the 2 magazine holder as well. Nice! $160.00

Consignment 1-1

Here we have a very nice slightly used shoulder rig that is for a Smith & Wesson Model 60 or other small framed revolver. This is made by El Paso Saddlery and is in excellent condition! For this fine system $140.00


Custom 1911 grips! A mixture of standard size and compact size! Inquire!!!

We are not sure as of yet what the single pair of grips above fit. If you have an idea let us know and we'll post it.



Lone Wolf Glock 20 barrel 9 X 25 caliber. Looks new in package. $120.00


Wilson Combat and MetalForm Magazines !!

1. Here we have a brand new in the box Ruger 10/22 Revolution Custom hardwood stock. I believe it will fit all models of the 10/22 rifle. This stock has a raised cheek rest and pistol grip. This is a brand new stock having never been used. Outstanding!! For this piece $175.00

2. Here we have a brand new Remington 700 Bolt Action poly stock. Replace that damaged stock! Look at the pics! $75.00

3. Here we have 2 brand new stock Ruger 10/22 wooden stocks with plastic butt plates. One has the barrel band and one doesn't. Each brand new! $65 and $75 w/ band. Look at the pics! Nice!

4. Here is a brand new old stock Mossberg 340 BD replacement stock. Got a ding or two from being moved around in storage for a few years but its a geat stock! $65.00

5. Here we have a newer made M1 Carbine stock without handguard. It would be good to replace a broken stock on a shooter. It has dings from being used but no cracks or breaks. No hardware. For this one $35.00

6. SOLD!!! Here we have a Ruger 10-22 Checkered Custom Stock! This one was never used and does have a couple dings from moving it around in the workshop. The ding in the pic could probably be taken out with a warm wet cloth and a hot iron. Just need to swell up the compressed wood fibers. Take a look! $65.00

7. Here we have 3 original equipment Ruger 10-22 barrels. One is used and has some surface rust on it while the other 2 are brand new unused. The rifling in all is excellent. $100 each for the new ones and $75 for the used one. Complete with front and rear sights. Check out the pics!!

8. Here we have a couple of holsters. This first one is a Smith & Wesson Gun Model: S&W N FR .357 Model 327 5in , S&W N FR .44 Model 29/629 5in , S&W N FR .45 Model 625 5in



UPC: 601299078277

Lists for $154.00 but our price $95.00 (used but little or not at all) Check out the pics!

9. This next holster is a DON HUME FRONT POCKET STYLE AMBIDEXTROUS- Fits Glock Model 33 perfectly

The 001 Front Pocket holster can be carried in the front pocket or a jacket pocket. The design of this holster conceals the shape of the firearm and keeps it in the ready position. When used in proper sized pockets the hooked shape will catch on the pocket s you can draw the firearm out of the holster while it remains in the pocket or falls away.

Premium Saddle Leather Construction

Conceals Shape of the Firearm

Hook Shape Design Retains Holster in Pocket


*Can be used Right or Left Handed. $35.00

This list will change from time to time so check it out when you can! Thanks!

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